References - Train Door and Step Testing

Type Tests: : Train door & step-testing
Tests that were carried out by us

  • Performance Tests for high speed, metro, tram and commuter train doors and steps systems
  • Endurance Tests
  • Power consumption
  • Manual open forces according EN 14752 or other standards
  • Software and degraded mode tests for MF 2000 project
  • Load Tests according EN, NF F and UIC 566 standard
  • Shock and Vibration Tests according EN 61 373
  • Water Tightness Tests according EN 14752 and NF F standard
  • Obstacle detection, squeezing force test
  • Kinetic energy test
  • VDV 111
  • Pressure tightness test acc EN 14752 or other standards
  • Sound insulation according ISO 140
  • Acoustic Emission Test following ISO 3381
  • Wrenching Test with simulation of wrench of carbody
  • Strength test 6000 Pa
  • Environmental Test at high and low temperature
  • Winterization (test with ice on door leaf)
  • Window Load Test
  • Cant and Slope Performance Test
  • Contact Resistance Test according UIC 533 and EN 50153

And many other tests


Documentation: Train door & step-testing

  • Type test documents for projects as
  • Commuter train door, ILE de France Project (type test program, reliability tests)
  • Metro door for MF 2000 (Performance Test, Shock and Vibration, Program Test, Degraded Mode tests of Software, Shock and Vibration Test and many others)
  • Door for OSCAR project in Australia
  • High Speed Train Door and Footboard for HST (Performance Test, Aerodynamic Load tests, Endurance Tests, Pressure Tightness, Sound isolation, Thermal Isolation, Automatic Footboard performance test and others)
  • High Speed New Pendelino
  • High Speed Train door for Siemens CRH 3 (Performance test, Climate Test, Load Tests, Sound isolation, Automatic footboard tests, water tighness tests, Aearodynamic load tests and many others) High Speed Train door for Railjet (Performance Tests, Load Tests, Dynamic Load Tests, Endurence Test, Pressure Tightness, Over Pressure Tests, Pressure Tightness,
  • Metro Madrid S3000
  • Velaro Russland
  • DO 2006 (Performance Tests, Load Tests, Life Time Tests,
  • Citadis Jerusalem
  • Single Deck Israel door and step
  • Taoyuan Airport Link
  • Flirt Teuteburger Wald
  • Metro Algiers
  • Docklands
  • Many developement, validations test and test plans for new door system for sliding door and sliding plug doors

This list can be an extract of tests we have done only.



Train Door and Step Testing

Train Door and Step Testing

Train Door and Step Testing

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