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Train door & step-testing

Construction and built up of door Mock Ups for type-, validation- and investigation tests
  • Mock Up for EN 14752 (load-, pressure tightness-, performance tests and many others)
  • Built up for Noise Transmission Tests ISO 140
  • Mock Ups for wrenching tests
  • Mock Ups for train door component tests for Ile de France
  • Typetest and Documentation for more than 40 train door projects

Ile de France Project

Planing of the total type-testing and reliability test program for Ile de France Project concerning train doors and steps.
Drawing up of the whole type test documentation for project
Complete planing of reliability tests for project
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Planing of reliability tests, choice of testing methods and test strategies on component, subsystem, system and train level
  • Planing of test benches for train door and steps and train door components
  • Testing of components for train doors and steps

Test runs

During nomal operation of train several physical measurements were detected and saved on a computer
  • "Chemmitz Tram" forces on door drive unit of train door
  • "Deutscher Doppelstock" pressure of passing trains and torques on operator unit
  • "Hamburger Hochbahn" forces on drive units, movement of door leaves, wrenching of portal during movement of train
  • "Railjet Austria" movement of carriages against each other with train in service

Material Tests

  • Characterisation of Metro Paris Tunnel dust
  • Planing and organisation of Fire Test Program for Train Doors acc BS standards and NFF standards
  • Chlorine tests of heater for washing machines

Climate/Heating Technologies

Life time load simulation of washing machine heater, boiler for coffee maker, water heater e.g.

Solar / Renewable Energy

Automatic test stand for measuring solar panel characteristics
Measurements of characteristics efficiency of thermal solar components

Testing Benches for testing of

Characteristics of thermal solar panels
Characteristics of air flow resistance of components for methane gas storage tanks
Test benches for heater component of bump heater for dish washer
Test bench for flow through heater for dish washers and compareable products
Test benches for train door components as motors, push buttons, electrical relays and whole drive units


Train door testing

Ile de France Project

Train test run

Methane gas storage

Methane gas storage