Fields of Activity

Train doors and steps

  • Life time, endurance tests for train doors
  • Function and Performance Tests (Hardware-Test)
  • Software Tests – Degraded Mode for train doors, control systems for pellet heater
  • Mechanical Load Tests for steps and doors
  • Climatic Tests
  • Shock and Vibration Tests
  • Noise and heat transmission tests
  • And much more....

Household utensils

  • Benchmark and characteristics of heater for coffee maker
  • Characterization and product development for combined pump/heating system for dish washer
  • Tests of heater for washing machines
  • Tests of condenser and heater for tumble dryer

Solar thermal /renewable energies

  • Software tests for pellet heater
  • Characterization of components of solar heating systems, or whole systems
  • Flow measurements
  • Characteristic resistance dependent on flow rate
  • Loading characteristics of boilers, storage tanks
  • Characteristics of warm water withdrawal unit

Material tests and analysis of materials

  • Mechanical ageing tests of polymer materials with a hydropuls system using hysteresis-test-method for pre cast of ageing processes
  • Chlorine tests on heater for washing machines
  • Dust analysis of dust from Metro Paris
  • Fire behavior and smoke tests for train door components
  • Water and dust investigation concerning included materials

Test bench

Testing household utensil

Solar energy

Material test