Mock Ups & Test Bench

Mock ups: We plan, define and arrange, build up and design your mock up for train door testing or other testing benches for reliability tests.

Mock ups: especially for your product validation program, we design and build

Mock ups for train doors, train steps
Mock ups for other train application devices according to project requirements and validation test plan.

We provide our long time experience in planning and running of mock ups. Based on our wide range knowledge of testing of train doors, steps and other technical products, we plan and build Mock Ups especially for your project requirements.

Serie Mock Ups

We build

  • base mock ups for performance tests
  • endurance tests (with obstacle detection, wrenching, failure simulation)
  • wrenching tests
  • shock and vibrations tests acc EN 61373
  • aearodynamic Load Tests
  • pressure tightness tests
  • noise transmission test for Rw values
  • many more test requirements

Of course we guarantee that every special combination of tests can be carried out with mock up, if required.

Testing Benches: simulate loads that can occur over the life time period of a product. In this way of testing potential for optimization or new requirements can be found at an early stadium of a project.
We also develop testing facilities and testing methods that allow an early and reliable detection of weaknesses of a product during lifetime tests.


Mock Ups

Mock Ups

Mock Ups

Mock Ups