About us - Network

Mr. Enzenhofer is head of a network of specialists that cooperate with TDM Test Design.
For this group of specialists Mr. Enzenhofer is contact partner and co-ordinator.
This provides certainty for customer, that a suggested solution will fit his company and that he gets results quickly and with greatest possible success. This network allows to work on a wide range of products, that have to meet highest requirements regarding reliability, safety, efficiency and price.

Our company provides information about testing procedures and methods, documentation and testing benches.

Our team of specialists, their practice and experience helps to support our costumers´s team with high efficiency. Because of our professional activities and our long time experience we know challenges that occur in many technical areas of activities.

Frequently questions come up in the area of development of technical products, validation of products and problems in production lines that might impair the quality of products. Often it is not possible to meet such challenges within the bounds of daily routine.
There we can help to find solutions and hand on support in a quick and efficient way.
Based on our wide range knowledge we can offer custom-orientated solutions.



Test Benches